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Classes begin November 2nd, 2020.

We are excited that you are considering Kidmin Academy for your next step personally and professionally in ministry. Kidmin Academy is a community of people who are passionate about ministry to children and families. You can receive a Diploma in Children’s Ministry from Kidmin Academy without quitting your job or uprooting your family! We invite you to look closely at our program and consider how it could revolutionize yourself and your ministry.



I believe that ministry to kids and families is the most critical and important ministry in the world today. That’s why I have been active in children’s ministry for 20 years! While ministry to kids and families is important, it’s also quite challenging. That’s why we created Kidmin Academy. We want to help you lead a vibrant, growing ministry for the long haul. You could say that we want to help you start well… and finish well!

I invite you to explore our website to get a better understanding of who we are and how we can serve you. You will find a learning community that is highly educational and extremely practical, a community focused on serving children and families with excellence.

As you search for an educational program to meet the needs of God’s calling on your life, I encourage you to consider Kidmin Academy. We have an impressively credentialed faculty that will help you balance head and heart, theory and practice. Our faculty includes some of the most respected thought-leaders and influencers in children’s and family ministry.

If you have any questions about our program, please reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Blessings, Ryan Frank


Earn a Diploma in Children’s Ministry from Kidmin Academy!

The Kidmin Academy Diploma Program is designed to educate and empower those who minister to children and families.

When you enroll in The Kidmin Academy Diploma Program, you will enter a 12-month program that will give you the tools you need to minister to children and families. This program is perfect for any leader in children’s, youth or family ministry!

KMA101: Church/Parent Partnership

This course examines what happens when a family serves together and how to build service opportunities into the DNA of your ministry.

Faculty:  Beth Guckenberger


Your Tuition Costs

For your convenience, Kidmin Academy has two payment options available:

Option 1: One-time Payment                                

$1,999.00 due before you begin your course of study




Kidmin Academy exists to train and equip leaders for life-changing ministry to children and families.

Kidmin Academy uniquely couples theological instruction with practical ministry expertise from a credentialed faculty with a wide-range of backgrounds. Our curriculum and education philosophy is unique in that is very practical while academically rigorous. Kidmin Academy equips pastors, church planters, worldwide missionaries, teachers, and individuals with a life-fulfilling passion for the Gospel and ministry to children and families.


Option 2: Monthly Payment Plan             

$199.00 per month for 12 months.

Brian Dollar

Author, speaker and founder of High Voltage Kids Ministry

Jessica Bealer

Author, Speaker, and Director of Family Ministry Services at Generis

Martijn van Tilborgh

Author, speaker and Chief Innovation Officer at Kidmin Nation

Corinne Noble

Children's Pastor and Curriculum Creator

Sam Chand

Leadership Consultant and World Renowned Change Strategist

Sean Sweet

Preteen Expert and Creator of FourFiveSix Curriculum

Ryan Frank, Dean Kidmin Academy

Have any questions?
We'll be happy to help.






100% Online
Kidmin Academy is entirely online. You will learn from some of the most respected children’s and family ministry leaders today through virtual classroom experiences, a private online community, required reading, assignments, and more.

Time Commitment
The Kidmin Academy Diploma Program is a 12-month program. Each month there is one virtual classroom experience where you will learn from a member of our faculty and will interact with other students in your cohort. You should plan on a total of 3-5 hours of work each week.

Graduation Requirements
To graduate and receive your Kidmin Academy Diploma in Children's Ministry, you must successfully complete the 12 modules (outlined below). 

These 12 Core Modules are required by our Dean.

IWU College credits for Graduates!
INDIANA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY is excited to announce a new partnership with Kidmin Academy! Graduates of Kidmin Academy are now eligible to receive five (5) hours of assessed credit from IWU's Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) toward two of IWU's online degree programs.

100% Online
Kidmin Academy is 100% online. You can study on your own schedule! Although every month there is one scheduled virtual classroom experience, the rest of your work is completed online. This online format gives you the opportunity to further your education while fulfilling your responsibilities to both your family and your career. You can choose when and where you study.

Relational Community
Kidmin Academy runs as a cohort program where a limited number of students are accepted and go through the entire program together. The virtual classroom experiences and private online community are a catalyst for ongoing training and ministry partnerships that extend beyond the program.

We're proud to offer an amazing diploma program at an amazingly affordable price. You will receive high quality training without breaking the bank. Additionally, Kidmin Academy offers a flexible payment plan for students.

Practical Application
Our curriculum and education philosophy is unique in that is it very practical while academically rigorous. Kidmin Academy equips pastors, church planters, worldwide missionaries, teachers, and individuals with a passion for the Gospel and ministry to children and families.

Well-Balanced Curriculum
The Kidmin Academy Diploma Program contains 12 modules that are created to give you a well-balanced education. These 12 modules are both academic and practical in nature. Successful completion of these modules is required by our Dean to complete the program.


KMA102: Special Needs

This course will help you create and maintain a special needs ministry that will become an outreach to your community.

Faculty:  Marie Kuck

This course provides the student with the necessary tools and skills to teach the Bible in such a way that it comes to life for kids!

Faculty:  Karl Bastian

KMA103: Bringing the Bible to Life

KMA104: Early Childhood

A study on providing quality care and transformational educational experiences for young children.

Faculty:  Tina Houser

Get training on how to get kids excited and engaged in worship!

Faculty:  Yancy

KMA105: Kids Worship

KMA106: Digital Ministry

Practical aspects of ministering in a digital age are covered in this course, including social networking, digital technology, and more.

Faculty:  Ryan Frank

If there’s one thing that ministries need today, it’s more innovation. During this module, you will be reminded that the mission never changes, but the methods must change!

Faculty:  Martijn van Tilborgh

KMA109: Innovation

KMA108: Volunteers

Provides a biblical foundation for working with volunteers and offers insight into recruiting and keeping them for the long haul.

Faculty: Jessica Bealer

KMA107: Kidmin Leadership

This course examines the basics in children's ministry leadership. Topics include recruiting and keeping volunteers, security, budgeting, spiritual formation and more.

Faculty:  Brian Dollar

KMA110: Next Level Creativity

Creativity is an essential component in every aspect of your ministry. This course will show you how to take a creative look at your environments, lighting, curriculum, events, games, and more.

Faculty:  Corinne Noble

KMA111: Personal Leadership

In this course, students will learn the personal leadership skills that are essential for effective team and organizational growth.

Faculty:  Sam Chand

KMA112: Preteen Ministry

Preteens represent an important age group with special needs. They are at a unique stage in their physical, emotional, and spiritual development. This module will help you build and grow an effective preteen ministry.

Faculty:  Sean Sweet



Beth Guckenberger

Author, speaker and founder of Back2Back Ministries

Marie Kuck

Speaker, teacher and founder of Nathaniel's Hope

Karl Bastian

Author, speaker and creator of Kidology

Tina Houser

Author, speaker, kids' pastor and early childhood specialist


Author, artist, speaker and renowned worship leader.

Esther Moreno

Author, speaker and radio host.


Enrollment closes  November 2nd, 2020.


Ryan Frank, Dean


"After years of watching children’s ministry leaders fail to see their dreams come true I noticed a common denominator. Most leaders in the church don’t see the need to continually learn. Learning is a must. Let Kidmin Academy help!"

Jim Wideman, Pastor and Founder of Jim Wideman Ministries
"We know that there is so much that needs to be done as we approach another weekend in ministry. That doesn’t excuse us from growing as leaders. Kidmin Academy is an excellent way to ensure that you are growing as a leader as you invest in others."

Frank Bealer, CEO at Phase Family Center; Executive Director of Leadership at Orange
Kidmin Academy
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